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Friends & family, we are excited to celebrate our marriage with you on Saturday, September 4th. Please take a look at our COVID Updates tab to see how we plan to prevent the spread of COVID-19 during our celebration.




Teman and Kevin

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Our Story

After six years, countless months of a long-distance relationship, and a surreal proposal, Kevin and Teman are finally getting married!

The pair first became acquainted with each other when they were both members of the Student Alumni Council at the University of Georgia. Even though they would see each other at least once a week for meetings, their attraction to one another sparked the need for more interactions. From afternoon meetups on campus, lunches at local restaurants in Athens, and late-night study sessions in the library they very quickly fell in love.

The defining word for much of their relationship has been “travel.” Not even a year into dating Kevin moved to Jordan for six months while Teman remained in Athens, and upon return, Teman was in Atlanta while Kevin was in Athens. Then of course Kevin lived in California for a year and a half to complete graduate school. Though the distance between them was long, and the days apart seemed even longer, their love only grew stronger.

At long last, on the crisp fall evening of November 26, 2019, Kevin proposed to the love of his life on an Atlanta rooftop. For Teman, it was the easiest “yes” of her life. The newly engaged couple celebrated the joyous occasion at a restaurant with close family and friends that same night.

Nowadays, Kevin and Teman both live in Arlington, Virginia just a couple minutes outside of Washington D.C. When they’re not working, they enjoy exercising, trying new restaurants, traveling within the region, and volunteering. They are both very excited to have their family and friends celebrate their love and union under God at their wedding on September, 4th 2021.

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